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The Toledo Blade, Editorial: (04-20-19)  Big ag needs a closer look 

The Toledo Blade: (04-18-19) Lucas County commissioners file lawsuit against U.S. EPA over Lake Erie algae (April 2019) A Report from the Great Lakes St. Lawrence Goverors & Premiers (04-15-19) Lake Erie groups rev up opposition to Cleveland wind turbine project, as developers negotiate with state (04-12-19) It’s beach clean-up season! When and where to help Lake Erie

The Morning Journal: (04-12-19) Lake Erie is a priority for new ODNR director

The Columbus Dispatch: (04-12-19) Letter: Clean Water Rule has made Ohio healthier

Great Lakes Now: (04-11-19) Book Club: New book about Asian carp chronicles history, future

The News Herald: (04-10-19) Western Reserve Land Conservancy reaches preservation milestone

The Toledo Blade: (04-10-19) Campaign finance reports: BP backed anti-Lake Erie Bill of Rights effort

Great Lakes Daily News: (04-1-19)  Issues Of The Environment: Past And Future Impacts Of The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative

The Toledo Blade: (04-09-19) Study: Steep rise in factory farms along Maumee River

Environmental Law and Policy Center: Report (04-09-19) Explosion of Unregulated Factory Farms in Maumee Watershed Fuels Lake Erie’s Toxic Blooms

The Toledo Blade: (04-08-19) Wind farms a cash cow for communities, but not everyone’s sold 

ODNR Report: (April 2019) Lake Erie Grass Carp Response Strategy (2019-2023)

The Toledo Blade: (04-07-19) Davis-Besse remains in limbo after bankruptcy judge strikes down FirstEnergy plan 

The Toledo Blade: (04-04-19)  Seneca Wind project delayed again

Lake Erie Commission: (04-03-19) Ohio Lake Erie Commission (OLEC) announces the availability of Lake Erie Protection Fund Grants

The Plain Dealer: (04-02-19) EPA Administrator backs President Trump’s reversal on Great Lakes cleanup money

The Akron Beacon Journal: (04-01-19) Beacon Journal/ editorial board: ‘Full funding’ for the Great Lakes

The Plain Dealer: (04-01-19) If nothing else, Lake Erie panel should strive to make Clevelanders lake-defending activists, council President Kevin Kelley says

The Toledo Blade: (03-31-19) Climate change messaging stressed by Great Lakes panelists

The Great Lakes Daily News: (03-30-19)  Behind Trump’s about-face on Great Lakes, a record of environmental neglect

MLive: (03-29-19)  Lake Michigan and Lake Huron to gain nearly a foot of water, 8 trillion gallons by summer

The Plain Dealer: (03-29-19)  President Donald Trump reverses course on Great Lakes Restoration Initiative

The News Herald: (03-29-19)  Trump said he supports full funding for Great Lakes Restoration Initiative

The Great Lakes News: (03-29-19)  A new normal’: decreasing ice cover on the Great Lakes

The Toledo Blade: (03-29-19) President Trump says he’ll full fund Great Lakes restoration

The Plain Dealer: (03-27-19) Cleveland City Council panel to take on threats to Lake Erie: What you need to know

The Great Lakes Daily News: (03-27-19) Stopping algae blooms may start on farmlands

The Sandusky Register: (03-26-19) Report: Climate change already affecting Great Lakes

The Plain Dealer: (03-26-19) Lake Erie Wind Farm Gets Final Federal Permit, Awaits State Approval

The Sandusky Register: (03-26-19) Stream quality in Erie County isn’t getting better

Press Release – LEED Co: (03-25-19) Lake Erie Wind Energy Project Earns a Key Federal Approval

Crains Cleveland Buisness: (03-25-19) Lake Erie project wins Corps of Engineers approval

North American Wind Power: (03-25-19) Army Corps Green-Lights Construction Of LEEDCo’s Icebreaker Wind

Fox 8 News: (03-25-19) Company receives key approval for wind turbines on Lake Erie near downtown Cleveland

The Sandusky Register: (03-25-19) Farmers get incentives

The Sandusky Register: (03-22-19) Huron County turns back on wind farm

The Plain Dealer: (03-22-19) Great Lakes climate change report:

What you need to know

The Plain Dealer: (03-22-19) Gov. Mike DeWine wants to keep Lake Erie a jewel. Good. But more than just an H2O fund is needed: editorial

The News-Messenger: (03-22-19) Advocates keep watchful eye on proposed ‘H2-Ohio’ fund

The Morning Journal: (03-21-19) Clean water helps revive communities, Great Lakes environmental chief says

The Plain Dealer: (03-21-19) Gov. DeWine’s proposed investment in Lake Erie just one of many wise moves on issues critical to Cleveland: Brent Larkin

The Beacon: (03-21-19) Dir. Mary Metz headlines 4th annual LES&I State of Tourism

The Plain Dealer: (03-20-19) Trump budget would end ban on dumping dredged materials in Lake Erie

The Plain Dealer: (03-20-19) Solve Lake Erie’s problems with Erie Hack’s mini-challenges

Press Release: (03-19-19) Work continues to protect Lake County Raw Water Pump Station

The Great Lakes Daily News: (03-18-19) UW-Madison professor: Great Lakes tsunamis found to spur rip currents

The Sandusky Register: (03-18-19) Grass carp larvae found in Maumee River

Press Release: (03-18-19) MichiganWater Strategy – 2018 Annual Report

The Sandusky Register: (03-15-19) DeWine announces plan for clean water fund

Press Release: Governor DeWine’s Office: (03-15-19)  Investing in Ohio’s Natural Wonders

The Morning Journal: (03-14-19) Ohio governor wants nearly $1B for Lake Erie, waterways

The Plain Dealer: (03-14-19) Mike DeWine said budget will include $900 million to protect Lake Erie and other waterways

The Sandusky Register: (03-13-19) Farmers paid to reduce runoff

Press Release: (03-13-19) USACE Buffalo District receives $22.023 million in FY20 President’s Budget

The Canton Repository: (03-12-19) Editorial: Restore funding to Great Lakes initiative

Press Release: (03-12-19) New Soo Lock included in President’s Budget request

Cornell Chronicle: (03-11-19) Upstate beef farm honored for efforts to keep NYC water clean

The Blade: (03-11-19) Great Lakes restoration nearly cut in President Donald Trump’s budget 

The Plain Dealer: (03-11-19) Trump budget again calls for gutting the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative

The Press: (03-11-19) renews focus on health of Lake Erie

The Chicago Sun Times: (03-10-19) EDITORIAL: Every new delay makes it more likely Asian carp will invade Lake Michigan

U.S. News and World Report: (03-07-19) Advocates Seek More Funding for Great Lakes Water Quality

Great Lakes Connection (03-06-19) Poll Analysis: Health of the Great Lakes Affects Public Health, Regional Economy

USGS: (03-06-19) Newly Hatched Invasive Grass Carp Found in Maumee River, Ohio

The Blade: (03-06-19) Tests confirm exotic grass carp in larval form near downtown Toledo 

The Detroit News: (03-05-19) Illinois governor signals support for project to block Asian carp

Press Release: (03-05-19)  State of the State 2019: Governor Mike DeWine

The Plain Dealer: (03-05-19) Gov. Mike DeWine proposes more money for roads, children in State of the State speech

Great Lakes Outreach Media: (03-05-19)  Announced a new video production “Smart Buoys: Preventing a Great Lakes Drinking Water Crisis”

The Sandusky Register: (03-01-19) Voters give Lake Erie rights

Port Clinton News Herold: (02-28-19) Cover crops and ‘no-till’ called future of farming by soil expert

Ohio Farm Bureau: (02-28-19) $23.5 million headed to Lake Erie water quality efforts

The Toledo Blade: (02-27-19)  Lawsuit filed against Lake Erie Bill of Rights

The Sandusky Register: (02-27-19)  Friends of Old Woman Creek honors pair

The Toledo Blade: (02-27-19) Lake Erie Bill of Rights gets approval from Toledo voters

The Washington Post: (02-26-19) Gusty winds off Lake Erie pushed this 10-foot mountain of ice onto land

The Toledo Blade: (02-26-19) Aid to farmers to reduce fertilizer runoff announced 

The Port Clinton News Herald: (02-26-19) Lake Erie water levels could break records this year

The Columbus Dispatch: (02-24-19)  Ohio EPA program could turn over water-quality certification to developers

The Star Beacon: (02-24-19) Ohio Farm Bureau watches Lake Erie Bill of Rights vote

The Columbus Dispatch: (02-24-19)  Ohio governor promises water quality initiative

The Beacon: (02-22-19) Great Lakes, Lake Erie get $28.6 million to battle blooms, Asian carp

The Sandusky Register: (02-20-19) Budget bill includes Lake Erie funding

Great Lakes News: (02-19-19) U.S. Supreme Court won’t change Indiana ruling: Lake Michigan’s shoreline belongs to all Hoosiers

ODNR News Clips: (02-19-19)  Great Lakes Partners pursues Great Lakes Coastal Resiliency Study

The New York Times: (02-17-19)  Legal Rights for Lake Erie? Voters in Ohio City Will Decide

The Columbus Dispatch: (02-14-19)  Editorial: Lake Erie’s problems are now Gov. Mike DeWine’s to tackle

Great Lakes Echo: (02-13-19) Monitoring algal blooms in the Great Lakes Basin

Interlochen Public Radio: (02-12-19) Bill would protect Great Lakes funds from border wall

WLUC: (02-12-19) Peters, Stabenow, others reintroduce bipartisan bill to bolster Great Lakes funding

Trade Only Today: (02-12-19) RFA calls on President Trump to halt East Coast wind-farm development

The Sandusky Register: (02-11-19) Large mounds of rock, sand appear on Chaussee beaches

Ohio News Story, Public News Service: (02-11-19) Lake Erie Wind Project: Do Benefits Outweigh Risks?

The Sandusky Register: (02-11-19) Mulinex to run Lake Erie Commission

The Detroit News: (02-11-19) 2 Great Lakes levels could hit record, forecast finds

The Plain Dealer: (02-09-19) Radioactive road deicer rules under review by Ohio legislature; debate over public safety continues

The Toledo Blade: (02-08-19)  Environmental law center brings new lawsuit over algae cleanup

The Toledo Blade: (02-07-19) Sheehy named to Great Lakes panel

Great Lakes Echo: (02-07-19) Between government shutdowns? Great Lakes researchers struggle to carry on

WPBN: (02-06-19) Army engineers release projected water levels in Great Lakes

Metroparks Toledo: (02-06-19) Metroparks Receives Governor’s Award For Howard Marsh

Great Lakes ScuttlebuttArmy engineers release projected water levels in Great Lakes

(02-05-19) Ohio Coastal Atlas Third Edition Showcases Lake Erie Resources and History

The Plain Dealer: (02-05-19) Great Lakes Commission tracks phosphorus in Lake Erie through ErieStat website

The News-Herald: (02-05-19) Willoughby to seek bids for lakefront erosion control project

The Soundings Trade Only Today: (02-04-19) Is there a downside to redefining regulated waters?