Regional News

Freshwater Future: (08-15-19) Asian carp have never breached a body of freshwater the size of Lake Michigan. Here’s the bizarre way they could survive and thrive in the world’s fifth largest lake.

The Toledo Blade: (08-15-19) Study estimates Lake Erie region worth $443 billion

The Plain Dealer: (08-14-19) Report: How restoring polluted Great Lakes waters leads to cities’ rebirth

The Detroit Free Press: (08-13-19) Report: Cleaning up polluted waters of Great Lakes region brings economic development

The Sandusky Register: (08-13-19) Bloom covers much of Lake Erie’s Ohio shore in the west

The Plain Dealer: (08-13-19) Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose pushes for more river access in Cuyahoga Valley National Park

The Plain Dealer: (08-12-19) Sen. Rob Portman frustrated by continuing algal blooms on Lake Erie

The Toledo Blade: (08-12-19) Local officials announce initiative to reduce Lake Erie nutrient runoff

Michigan Radio: (08-12-19) Researchers launch “all-out assault” on growing Lake Erie bloom

University of Michigan: (08-12-19)  U-M-led study: Asian carp capable of surviving in much larger areas of Lake Michigan than previously thought

The Morning Journal: (08-11-19) Avon Lake is prepared for summer algal blooms

The Plain Dealer: (08-11-19) Should Burke Lakefront Airport close? Coalition keeps important question alive – Steven Litt

The News Herald (08-11-19) Sen. Portman visits Lakeline Village Hall for annual roundtable discussion during ‘Lake Erie Tour’

The Business Journal: (08-09-19) Portman Tours Ashtabula Port, Petmin Project Site

Lake Carriers’ Association (08-08-19) Great Lakes Maritime Task Force

Freshwater Weekly: (8-08-19) Algae researchers to fan out across Lake Erie collecting water samples

The Plain Dealer: (08-07-19) Scientists to test water samples across Lake Erie for annual HABs grab

The Sandusky Register: (08-07-19) New site posts daily satellite photos of Lake Erie algal blooms

The Toledo Blade: (08-07-19) Summer algal bloom coming on strong in western Lake Erie 

Great Lakes Daily News: (08-07-19) Great Lakes Dredging Team Asks for Comments on Regional Beneficial Use Testing Manual

US EPA & Great Lakes Commission: (08-06-19) 2019 Annual Great Lakes Areas of Concern Conference

The Toledo Blade: (08-04-19) Economics might support grandiose Great Black Swamp restoration

The Toledo Blade, Editorial Board: (08-03-19) Save the lakes

The Toledo Blade: (08-02-19) Five years later, ripple effect still felt from Toledo’s water crisis 

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Buffalo District: (08-02-19) Corps of Engineers awards contracts for Maumee Bay and Maumee River dredging