Other Ways to Give

You Can Make a Difference!

Our support comes from a wide range of people and communities who love and want to protect the health of Lake Erie. They have done some amazing fundraisers to help Lake Erie Foundation do more each year. Let’s work together and raise our voices to advocate for our Great Lake Erie. Here’s how you can make the same impact!


Create a Facebook Fundraiser 

It only takes a couple of minutes to set up a Facebook Fundraiser! Simply follow this link, create a fundraiser, and spread the word!


Once your fundraiser is set up, let everyone know! Link your event with friends, family, and groups because the more you tell people about it, the greater the impact.


Host an Event or Fundraiser

Here’s how you get started:


  1. Tell us your idea! Complete the request form below to give us an outline of your fundraising idea.  We want you to be successful and we want to help!


  1. Set a goal! Do you want to raise awareness and money? We can work with you to help set that goal!  


  1. Create a plan! What’s the plan for your campaign or event? How can we help you with promotions and networking? Let’s work together to make this fundraiser have a big impact!


  1. Promote!We can expand your reach with our members and supporters. We will work with you for the best results!


  1. Launch your fundraiser! Once all the details are in place, it’s now time to have fun! Launch your event and let’s celebrate your success and love of Lake Erie.  


Click here for the Event/Fundraising Form. When it’s complete, we will schedule a time to meet. Thank you so much for your passion to help our Great Lake Erie now and for the future!