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Thank you for Saving the Lake!  Your tax-deductible gift to the Lake Erie Foundation will help restore and protect Lake Erie, its rivers, and its streams for generations to come.  Together we can meet our mission to “Create and maintain a healthy Lake Erie now and forever.” Thank you for standing up for this national treasure and for making LEF a part of your life.



JOIN TODAY FOR AS LITTLE AS $25.  Your tax-deductible contribution will help Lake Erie Foundation work to ensure that Lake Erie’s waters are safe for drinking, fishing and swimming. Your support makes our efforts for advocating, educating, supporting innovative technology development and legal defense a possibility.



Protecting our lake and its wonderful resources is especially important for businesses and organization that benefit most from its’ assets.  Supporting the Lake Erie Foundation (LEF) and its efforts to create awareness and education to regulators, legislators plus our friends, families, all who use and vacation in our region is crucial. With your tax-deductible contribution, LEF will work to ensure that Lake Erie’s waters are safe for drinking, fishing, and swimming.  Your support makes our efforts in advocacy, education, innovation technology development and legal defense possible.

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WE NEED VOLUNTEERS! The Lake Erie Foundation is a non-profit organization that is managed by a 100% volunteer board and advisors consisting of community leaders. Your support is vital to our success in creating awareness about Lake Erie. The first step is to sign up to our e-newsletter so we can keep you aware of important events, meetings, shows and area recreational opportunities. We can’t do it alone!

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