Outreach and Education

We attend a variety of events to share information about Lake Erie and relevant issues and challenges to prompt action. We are always in need of volunteers to take shifts at our information booths at the Cleveland Boat Show, Catawba Island Boat Show, and several other events. If you would like to help with these efforts, please contact Tara at tcrump11@hotmail.com

We would also be happy to share information or speak at your events. We can lend an LEF display and handouts, share a general PowerPoint presentation, or speak at your event. Please contact Tara at tcrump11@hotmail.com for more information.


Local Watershed Improvement Activities

There are so many things you can do at the local and regional levels to help protect and restore Lake Erie! Please volunteer for your local watershed group’s activities and participate in stream cleanups, tree plantings, storm drain stenciling, or other hands on activities to make a difference and to help inform the public of simple actions they can take to help improve Lake Erie’s watershed. If we can help point you in the direction of local groups and activities, please let us know!

Help Lake Erie at your home or business by slowing runoff with native plants, rain barrels, etc. Get a speaker to share the great news about our Great Lake Erie. Participate in community waterfront cleanups.  Donate to improve Lake Erie water quality and sustain the lake for future generations. Lake Erie needs us…. join in these efforts and more.

Water Quality Testing

We need volunteers and volunteer groups to test streams before and after heavy rains with simple test strips, and to track and report test findings. We are teaming with the International Yachting Fellowship of Rotarians to sponsor and coordinate this water testing program. If you have a group that wants to lead efforts in a Lake Erie tributary, or if you want to be part of a group as an individual volunteer, please contact Tara Crump at tcrump11@hotmail.com