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Port Clinton News Herold: (02-28-19) Cover crops and ‘no-till’ called future of farming by soil expert

Ohio Farm Bureau: (02-28-19) $23.5 million headed to Lake Erie water quality efforts

The Toledo Blade: (02-27-19)  Lawsuit filed against Lake Erie Bill of Rights

The Sandusky Register: (02-27-19)  Friends of Old Woman Creek honors pair

The Toledo Blade: (02-27-19) Lake Erie Bill of Rights gets approval from Toledo voters

The Washington Post: (02-26-19) Gusty winds off Lake Erie pushed this 10-foot mountain of ice onto land

The Toledo Blade: (02-26-19) Aid to farmers to reduce fertilizer runoff announced 

The Port Clinton News Herald: (02-26-19) Lake Erie water levels could break records this year

The Columbus Dispatch: (02-24-19)  Ohio EPA program could turn over water-quality certification to developers

The Star Beacon: (02-24-19) Ohio Farm Bureau watches Lake Erie Bill of Rights vote

The Columbus Dispatch: (02-24-19)  Ohio governor promises water quality initiative

The Beacon: (02-22-19) Great Lakes, Lake Erie get $28.6 million to battle blooms, Asian carp

The Sandusky Register: (02-20-19) Budget bill includes Lake Erie funding

Great Lakes News: (02-19-19) U.S. Supreme Court won’t change Indiana ruling: Lake Michigan’s shoreline belongs to all Hoosiers

ODNR News Clips: (02-19-19)  Great Lakes Partners pursues Great Lakes Coastal Resiliency Study

The New York Times: (02-17-19)  Legal Rights for Lake Erie? Voters in Ohio City Will Decide

The Columbus Dispatch: (02-14-19)  Editorial: Lake Erie’s problems are now Gov. Mike DeWine’s to tackle

Great Lakes Echo: (02-13-19) Monitoring algal blooms in the Great Lakes Basin

Interlochen Public Radio: (02-12-19) Bill would protect Great Lakes funds from border wall

WLUC: (02-12-19) Peters, Stabenow, others reintroduce bipartisan bill to bolster Great Lakes funding

Trade Only Today: (02-12-19) RFA calls on President Trump to halt East Coast wind-farm development

The Sandusky Register: (02-11-19) Large mounds of rock, sand appear on Chaussee beaches

Ohio News Story, Public News Service: (02-11-19) Lake Erie Wind Project: Do Benefits Outweigh Risks?

The Sandusky Register: (02-11-19) Mulinex to run Lake Erie Commission

The Detroit News: (02-11-19) 2 Great Lakes levels could hit record, forecast finds

The Plain Dealer: (02-09-19) Radioactive road deicer rules under review by Ohio legislature; debate over public safety continues

The Toledo Blade: (02-08-19)  Environmental law center brings new lawsuit over algae cleanup

The Toledo Blade: (02-07-19) Sheehy named to Great Lakes panel

Great Lakes Echo: (02-07-19) Between government shutdowns? Great Lakes researchers struggle to carry on

WPBN: (02-06-19) Army engineers release projected water levels in Great Lakes

Metroparks Toledo: (02-06-19) Metroparks Receives Governor’s Award For Howard Marsh

Great Lakes ScuttlebuttArmy engineers release projected water levels in Great Lakes

(02-05-19) Ohio Coastal Atlas Third Edition Showcases Lake Erie Resources and History

The Plain Dealer: (02-05-19) Great Lakes Commission tracks phosphorus in Lake Erie through ErieStat website

The News-Herald: (02-05-19) Willoughby to seek bids for lakefront erosion control project

The Soundings Trade Only Today: (02-04-19) Is there a downside to redefining regulated waters?

Northwest Indiana Times: (01-31-19)  U.S. Supreme Court set to decide next month whether to hear Lake Michigan beach ownership dispute

The Plain Dealer: (01-30-19)  Cleveland Water Alliance to promote solutions to Lake Erie problems with ErieHack 2.0

International Dredging Review: (01-30-19) Lake Erie Ports Will Benefit from State Funding for Beneficial Use Projects

Parks and Rec. Business: (01-30-19)  Sprawling Recreational Opportunities

The Sentinel-Tribune: (01-30-19) Lake Erie dominates TMACOG meeting

Trade Only Today: (01-29-19) Ohioans cheer New Jersey’s turbine decision

The Plain Dealer: (01-29-19) Lake Erie poised to freeze to 75 percent during polar vortex

The Toledo Blade: (01-29-19) Speaker: Lingering algal blooms hurt businesses worse than short-lived oil spills : (01-26-19) The Ohio Supreme Court has rightly affirmed that Toledoans get to vote on a proposed Lake Erie Bill of Rights: Thomas Suddes

The Star Beacon: (01-24-19) Conneaut dredging facility would be first of its kind

WCPN: (01-23-19)  Federal Government Shutdown Stalls Great Lakes Research

The Sandusky Register: (01-23-19)  Mylander Foundation awards grant to Lake Erie Foundation

The Toledo Blade: (01-23-19)  Ohio court rejects final Lake Erie Bill of Rights ballot challenge

WDET: ( 01-23-19) How the Government Shutdown Leaves the Great Lakes in Limbo

The Toledo Blade – Editorial: (01-23-19)  Keep dredge help coming

Storm Water Solutions: (01-22-19) ODNR Updates Lake Erie Coastal Erosion Area Map

Great Lakes Commission (01-22-19)  Request for Proposals (RFP) for A Socio-Economic Analysis of GLRI Investments and Outcomes in US EPA Priority Watersheds

Great Lakes Commission (01-22-19) Monthly Report

The Columbus Dispatch: (01-19-19) US EPA shouldn’t gut the Clean Water Act

The Vindicator: (01-18-19) Authorize plan, end threat of Asian carp to Lake Erie

Ohio Farm Bureau: (01-17-19) Lake Erie Bill of Rights could be on February special election ballot

The Star Beacon: (01-18-19) Conneaut to host public meeting on Tuesday

Michigan Radio: (01-17-19) Partial government shutdown affects monitoring of conditions in the Great Lakes

The Toledo Blade: (01-17-19) DeWine named vice chair of regional Great Lakes panel

Michigan Radio: (01-16-19) Stabenow, Peters to Army Corps of Engineers: Promise not to divert Great Lakes funds to border wall

The Daily Standard: (01-11-19) Area farmers may get OK for emergency applications

YouTube: (01-08-19) ODNR Director Jim Zehringer dedicates the newly renovated Catawba Island State Park boat ramp.

Port Clinton News Herald: (01-08-19) Catawba Island State Park re-opens with new boat ramp

The Morning Journal: (01-08-19) Ohio officials describe dredging projects coming to Lorain, Toledo, Conneaut ports

The Sandusky Register: (1-07-19) DeWine says he’ll make Lake Erie a priority as governor

The Columbus Dispatch: (01-07-19) Ohio EPA awarding nearly $3 million in grants to reduce algae blooms

The Star Beacon: (01-06-19) Dredging up some good ideas

Freshwater Future: (01-04-19) Freshwater Weekly Report

The News Herald: (01-01-19) Mentor again seeks grant to design ‘green’ erosion control at lagoons, restore beach

Great Lakes Echo: (01-01-19) Farmers, Great Lakes benefit from cover crops

The Toledo Blade: (12-31-18) Q&A: BGSU Lake Erie researcher Timothy Davis 

New York Times: (12-28-19) New E.P.A. Plan Could Free Coal Plants to Release More Mercury Into the Air

The Plan Dealer: (12-26-18) It’s now up to Mike DeWine to lead the way in protecting Lake Erie: editorial

WOSU: (12-26-18) DeWine’s Pick For Ohio Natural Resources Chief Outlines Priorities    

Lansing State Journal: (12-26-18) Opinion: We must prepare for the unknowns of a Great Lakes oil spill

Ideastream: (12-21-18) New Farm Bill Includes Provisions for Drinking Water, Conservation Practices

Akron Beacon Journal: (12-20-18) Beacon Journal/ editorial board: The president’s new rule to weaken the Clean Water Act

EPA: (12-19-18) Waters of the United States (WOTUS) Rulemaking

The Sandusky Register: (12-19-18) EPA restores Great Lakes Advisory Board (12-18-18) Businesses are eliminating plastic straws to reduce trash and save Lake Erie

News 5 Cleveland: (12-17-18) Erosion control project begins at popular lakefront park

The News-Herald: (12-16-18) Mentor Beach Park erosion control project mobilizes

The Buffalo News: (12-16-18) Trump water changes a boost for farmers – but how will they impact Lake Erie?

The Plain Dealer: (12-15-18) New ODNR director Mary Mertz brings outdoors and political experience 

EPA: (12-13-18) EPA Re-Establishes Great Lakes Advisory Board 

The Columbus Dispatch: (12-12-18) Proposal would rely on voluntary farmer participation to tackle Lake Erie’s algae problems

The Plain Dealer: (12-12-18) Lake Erie port cities receive $9.9 million to deal with sediment dredged from harbors

The Plain Dealer: (12-11-18) Trump administration revises Obama-era water protection rules

NPR: (12-11-18) Trump EPA Proposes Major Rollback Of Federal Water Protections

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: (12-11-18) Price tag has ballooned for fish barrier to keep Asian carp out of Lake Michigan

Army Corps and EPA: (12-11-18) Release of President Trump’s Proposed Revised Waters of the United States Rule

International Joint Commitssion Canada and United States: (12-10-18) IJC’s Science Advisory Board investigates potential impacts of crude oil transport in Great Lakes

The Columbus Dispatch: (12-9-18) Report forecasts algae blooms to worsen, meetings to address water quality

Council of the Great Lakes Region: (12-08-18) Cleveland, Ohio announced as location of the fifth Great Lakes Economic Forum 

Thames River Phosphorus Reduction Collaborative (12-07-18) Five projects selected to develop and test technologies that intercept and remove phosphorus from agricultural runoff. (12-07-18) President Trump task force investing to improve Michigan water

Sandusky Register: (12-06-18) New lawsuit threatened over algal blooms in Lake Erie

Sandusky Register: (12-06-18) Trump signs bill with invasive species provisions for Great Lakes

US Army Corp of Engineers: (12-06-18) GLMRIS – Brandon Road – Recomended Plan

The Star Beacon: (12-06-18) State OKs $4 million for Conneaut dredge facility

The Star Beacon: (12-06-18) Committee close to agreement on long-stalled ag legislation

The Chicago Tribune: (12-06-18) “Carp cowboys” round up invasive Asian carp as Illinois, federal officials debate costly measures to protect Lake Michigan

The Morning Journal: (12-05-18) State gets $400K to boost water quality in Lake Erie basin

The Morning Journal: (12-05-18) Lorain dredge material project would support navigation in harbor

WOSU: (12-05-18) Mike DeWine Follows Campaign Promise With Diverse Cabinet Picks 

The Detroit News: (12-04-18) Trump signs Coast Guard bill with Great Lakes provisions

ODNR News: (12-04-18) DeWine nominates Ohio DNR director; reaction both swift and positive

ODNR News: (12-04-18) Lake Erie, algae bloom topics addressed

The Toledo Blade – Editorial: (12-4-18) Where are Lake Erie’s heroes?

NPR Buffalo: (12-03-18) $12 million investment to strengthen Buffalo waterfront breakwalls    

The Toledo Blade: (12-03-18) Make stopping Asian carp a priority

Journal Sentinel: (12-03-18) Asian carp threat stymies plans for fish passage on 100-year-old Wisconsin River dam

The Toledo Blade: (12-02-18) Examining the impact of climate change on northwest Ohio

The Plain Dealer: (12-02-18) Lake Erie faces dire future, per new climate change report

The Toledo Blade: (12-01-18) Lake Erie cleanup advocates may file new lawsuit against U.S. EPA 

Associated Press: (11-30-18)  Strategy offered for fixing damage from invasive mussels in Great Lakes

Invasive Mussel Collaborative: (11-29-18) Invasive Mussel Collaborative releases new strategy to reduce invasive mussels and their negative impacts

Sea Grant: (11-26-18) 10 years of IISG-supported community medicine collection adds up to over 200,000 pounds

The Toledo Blade: (11-26-18) Price tag key to response to lake algal blooms, farmers say (11-26-18) Action on Lake Erie algae blooms likely not coming in 2018

Announcement of Working Group Meeting: (11-26-13) Members of the Lake Erie Foundation have been invited to give testimony at the Senate Finance hearing room on 11-26-18.

The Sandusky Register: (11-25-18) Mike DeWine favors proposed clean water bond issue, lawmakers say

The Detroit News: (11-24-18) Can you walk the beach? Supreme Court may decide

Michigan Radio: (11-23-18) Climate assessment: Midwest summer temps projected to increase more than any other part of country

Great Lakes Daily News: (11-23-18) U.S. Army Corps of Engineers issues final draft plan to keep invasive carp out of Great Lakes 

U-Michigan: (11-23-18) Lake Erie algal blooms ‘seeded’ internally by overwintering cells in lake-bottom sediments

The Star Beacon: (11-22-18) Cities get ready for dredging projects

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers: (11-21-18) New Soo Lock receives $32 million

The Plain Dealer: (11-21-18) Farmers, residents oppose Lake Erie watershed proposal

The News-Herald: (11-21-18) Public input sought on Euclid Creek Watershed

Greak Lakes Echo: (11-21-18) Study: toxic algae develops faster

Sandusky Register: (11-20-18) Senate approves bill that includes invasive species protections

Port Clinton Herald: (11-19-18) Senate passes bill to help keep invasive species out of Lake Erie

WUWM 89.7: (11-19-18) Journalist Highlights Pressing Issues Facing The Great Lakes    

Northwest Indiana Times: (11-18-18) U.S. Supreme Court won’t decide until next year whether to hear Lake Michigan beach ownership appeal

The Plain Dealer: (11-16-18) Cuyahoga River’s recovery since 1969 fire documented in new Ohio EPA film on YouTube

Freshwater Weekly: (11-16-18) Premier Ford Poised to Eliminate Ontario’s Environmental Commissioner

Freshwater Weekly: (11-16-18) Report on Lead Contamination Released by Northwest-Midwest Institute

Fox 8: (11-16-18) Todd ‘Kicks It’ in the salt mines 2,000 feet below Lake Erie

Michigan Radio: (11-15-18) Senate passes bill maintaining EPA oversight of Great Lakes invasive species rules 

The Journal Sentinel: (11-14-18) Senate passes bill to keep ballast water containing invasive species out of Great Lakes

Ohio’s Country Journal: (11-12-18) New phosphorus research project for the Maumee Watershed

Great Lake Daily News: (11-12-18) Ohio’s watershed moment: How to fix Lake Erie algae

The Toledo Blade: (11-08-18) Fate of western Lake Erie under new governors uncertain

The Beacon: (11-08-18) Put-in-Bay’s ‘Skip The Straw’ gives boost to Lake Erie Foundation 

The Great Lakes Daily News: (11-08-18) No matter party or position, officials must protect Great Lakes

The Chronicle: (11-08-18) Live-streaming a marshland for fun – and science

The Great Lakes Daily News: (11-07-18) Manitoulin Island and the new Great Lakes Islands Alliance

The Sandusky Register: (11-05-18) Science prize aims to solve algal bloom crisis

The Toledo Blade: (11-04-18) The science of saving Lake Erie

The Plain Dealer: (11-04-18) Message to the next Ohio governor: Big agriculture does not rule this state, to befoul Lake Erie or otherwise – editorial

The Morning Journal: (11-3-18) Port Authority right to determine if land is usable | Editorial

The Sandusky Register: (11-03-18) Mild algal bloom still affects local businesses

Great Lakes Today: (11-02-18) The Love and Lore of Lake Erie’s Wetlands

The Port Clinton News Herald: (11-02-18) Ohio Sea Grant reports gains from algal bloom research

The Toledo Blade: (11-02-18) Ohio’s next governor can’t drag their feet on Lake Erie’s health

Farm and Dairy: (11-01-18) Commission tables Kasich’s order on watersheds

Outdoor News: (11-01-18) Algae bloom initiative a step in the right direction

The Plain Dealer: (11-01-18) Ohio commission delays Lake Erie protections ordered by Gov. John Kasich

The Star Beacon: (11-01-18) Board again sidelines Kasich’s order on Lake Erie algae

Soundings: (11-01-18) Lake Erie boating interests demand officials get tough on algae blooms

The Sandusky Register: (10-31-18) This year’s harmful algal bloom was relatively mild, scientists say

The Toledo Blade: (10-31-18) State panel again puts off vote on Lake Erie watersheds

Trade Only Today: (10-31-18) Lake Erie boating interests demand officials get tough on algae blooms

The News Herold: (10-29-18) Army Corps. of Engineer restoring, adding to wetlands along shoreline

The Plain Dealer: (10-29-18) Bowling Green State University to establish Lake Erie Center to fight harmful algal blooms

The Toledo Blade: (10-28-18) Researchers hope to put dredge to work for farmers

The Toledo Blade: (10-27-18) Groups working together to protect Great Lakes from Asian carp

The Columbus Dispatch: (10-25-18) Task force to issue report on Lake Erie watershed order next week

The Plain Dealer: (10-24-18) 8 cool things to do at the National Museum of the Great Lakes

The Columbus Dispatch: (10-24-18) Editorial: Time for leaders to step up to protect Lake Erie

The Sentinel-Tribune: (10-24-18) Brown talks algae bloom, regional water source

The Toledo Blade: (10-23-18) Supporters keep up push to put Lake Erie Bill of Rights on ballot

The Plain Dealer: (10-23-18) Public input sought regarding Cahoon Creek-Frontal Lake Erie subwatershed plan

Great Lakes Now: (10-22-18) Slow-moving Asian carp response keeps lakes at risk

Great Lakes Daily News: (10-22-18) Vampire of the Sea: Without sea lamprey controls, the Great Lakes would not be so great (10-21-18) Lake Erie portrayed as resource ‘on the edge’ in Linda Butler photos at natural history museum

The Toledo Blade: (10-21-18) UT professor recognized for algal work 

The Plain Dealer: (10-21-18) No more Ohio Soil and Water Conservation Commission foot-dragging on Lake Erie protections: editorial

The Plain Dealer: (10-19-18) Ohio Department of Agriculture director fired for opposing Kasich’s algal-bloom policies

Fresh Water Future: (12-19-18) GLRI Cleans Up Toxic Dump + Water Affordability & PFAS Are Center Stage In MI + Stakeholders Engage On GLC + Climate Change Concerns UN 

The Toledo Blade: (10-18-18) Cordray outlines clean waterways policy during Lake Erie visit

The News-Herald: (10-18-18) Mentor Beach Park erosion to be addressed

The Toledo Blade:(10-18-19) Citizens group seeks Toledo city council support on Lake Erie Bill of Rights

Port Clinton News Herald (10-18-18) Kaptur visits demonstration farm addressing runoff pollution

The Toledo Blade: (10-16-18) UT algae expert to speak at Oregon park

Great Lakes Echo: (10-16-18) Algae is ugly: Why Lake Erie anglers avoid harmful algal blooms

The Toledo Blade: (10-16-18) NOAA says algae season over for the region

Great Lakes Daily News: (10-15-18) Time’s running out from stopping Asian carp from invading our Great Lakes

The Sandusky Register: (10-14-18) This year’s harmful algal bloom fading away

The Sentinel-Tribune: (10-13-18) Archaeology: Technology advances search for Lake Erie’s shipwrecks, other secrets

BGSU: (10-13-18) BGSU gets $50,000 from the Lake Erie Protection Fund (Opinian): (10-13-18) The massive stall to Lake Erie protections happening behind the scenes in Columbus: Thomas Suddes

The Plain Dealer: (10-12-18) Ohio EPA awards $100,000 to research using dredged Lake Erie sediment on farm fields

Great Lakes Daily News: (10-12-18) University of Michigan researchers look to make diesel fuel from algae with $2M grant

Great Lakes Echo: (10-11-18) Changing climate linked to changing species

Great Lake Daily News: (10-11-18) Battle of Lake Erie continues over watershed order

The Sandusky Register: (10-11-18) Congress approves water bill, sends it to president

Great Lakes Now: (10-10-18) Stocking Sturgeon on Lake Erie

The Plain Dealer: (10-10-18) Congress signs off on water bill with projects to help Lake Erie

The Plain Dealer: (10-10-18) Lake Erie paddlers form Northern Ohio Surfrider Foundation to clean lakes, rivers

Great Lakes Daily News: (10-10-18)  Walberg, Ryan introduce bill to create Great Lakes stamp, boost restoration funding

The Sandusky Register: (10-09-18) Sandusky supports $8.1M revamp to Jackson Street Pier

Great Lakes Daily News: (10-9-18) Great Lakes water levels expected to make moves as we go into fall

Great Lakes Daily News: (10-09-18) Couple asks U.S. Supreme Court to overturn Indiana ruling guaranteeing public access to Lake Michigan beaches

Ideastream: (10-08-18) Maumee River Lake Sturgeon Release Draws Hundreds

The Toledo Blade: (10-07-18)  Hundreds cheer as sturgeon return to Maumee River

The Toledo Blade: (10-06-18) Brown campaign cancels news conference after group announces protest

The Plain Dealer: (10-5-18) Lake Erie harmful algal bloom less severe than expected. Why?

The Plain Dealer: (10-5-18) Ohio State’s Stone Lab receives $2.7M for new lab, technology

NOAA: (October) Lake Erie Harmful Algal Bloom Bulletin

The Toledo Blade: (10-5-18) Ohio Supreme Court again rules against Lake Erie bill of rights supporters

North American Wind Power: (10-04-18) Icebreaker Wind Gets ‘Most Significant Single Approval’ Yet

The Morning Journal: (10-4-18) Lake Erie water quality continues steady improvement

The Toledo Blade: (10-2-18) Ancient fish to swim the Maumee on Saturday

Interlochen Public Radio: (10-2-18)  Oil transport, invasive species biggest threats to Great Lakes, says author    

The Plain Dealer: (10-1-18) Cleveland to study docks around FirstEnergy Stadium, North Coast Harbor in lakefront development plan

The Columbus Dispatch: (10-1-18) Portman, Brown sign letter urging Army Corps to stop Asian carp

The Morning Journal: (09-28-18) State Rep. Kent Smith elected as Ohio leader of Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Legislative Caucus

The Toledo Blade: (09-28-18) Young, old, Democrat or Republican: Great Lakes residents hate Asian carp

The Plain Dealer: (09-26-18) You can help solve Lake Erie’s harmful algal bloom problem with University of Akron spectrometers

The Sandusky Register: (09-26-18) Report: Great Lakes Restoration Initiative boosted area’s economy

The Sandusky Register: (09-23-18) Study shows that clean beaches matter

The News Herald: (09-22-18) Euclid Waterfront Project moves forward, despite protests

The Sandusky Register: (09-21-18) Bigger, better boat added to Miller Ferries’ fleet

The Morning Journal: (09-21-18) Great Lakes Commission wants more use of natural water-protection measures

The Plain Dealer: (09-21-18) Cuyahoga River sediment remains tainted with PCBs, latest tests find

The Beacon: (09-20-18) Critical migratory bird habitat on Middle Bass Island gains protection 

The Gazette: (09-17-18) Report: Ethanol maker shuts down 2 Iowa plants

The Beacon Journal: (09-17-18) Beacon Journal/ editorial board: Erie lack of leadership

The Detroit News: (09-15-18) Lake Erie free of toxicity in algae bloom

The Sandusky Register: (09-14-18) Purchase expands park on Middle Bass Island (09-14-18) Toxic algae is invading our lakes and lack of transparency makes it difficult to track

The News Herald: (09-13-18) Senate passes bill with Lake Erie protections

The Toledo Blade: (09-13-18) Scientists, others hear farmers’ perspective at algae conference 

Rock The Lake: (09-12-18) Saturday is International Coastal Clean Up Day 

Energy News Network: (09-11-18) Lake Erie offshore wind project vows extra bird, wildlife protections

CBC: (09-11-18) Why a sudden spike in the temperature of the Great Lakes has scientists worried 

The Toledo Blade: (09-10-18) Lake Erie, other environmental issues factor into Ohio governor’s race

The Toledo Blade: (09-09-18) Lake Erie, other environmental issues factor into Ohio governor’s race

The Toledo Blade: (09-09-18) Film explores theory that enviro toxins are linked to ALS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimers

Rock the Lake: (09-07-18) Euclid breaks ground on groundbreaking Lake Erie trail 

Stormwater: (09-07-18) Lake Erie Gets Many Helping Hands for Urban Stormwater Reduction

The Sandusky Register: (09-06-18) Lake Erie’s harmful algal bloom persists

The Blade: (09-06-18) Saving Great Lakes fund a start

NPR: (09-06-18) Coastal Labs Studying Increased Flooding Consider Moving Because Of Increased Flooding

The Blade: (09-06-18) Bad actors hurting efforts to combat lake’s algae issue

Michigan Radio: (09-06-18) Toledo works to restore trust in its water after 2014 microcystin scare    

The Blade: (09-06-18) Saving Great Lakes fund a start 

Great Lakes Now: (09-05-18) Big Water, Big Money… But Algae?

WTOL: (09-04-18) NOAA research lab uses underwater vessel to monitor algal blooms

The Blade: (09-03-18) Full speed on Lake Erie reforms

The Blade: (09-03-18) Governor makes appointments to Lake Erie panel

The Blade: (09-02-18) UT on front line of microcystin research

The University of Akron: (08-31-18) Lake Erie’s toughest challenges tackled by doctoral students  

NOAA: (08-30-18) Lake Erie Harmful Algal Bloom Bulletin, also Satellite Imagery

The Manitoulin Expositor: (08-29-18) Asian carp establish ‘finholds’ in Lake Erie, Ontario and Michigan

The News Herald: (08-29-18) New 15-acre public preserve unveiled at Kelleys Island

The Buffalo News: (08-28-18) Trump nominates Corwin to head Great Lakes agency

The New York Times: (08-29-18) Algae Bloom in Lake Superior Raises Worries on Climate Change and Tourism

The Sandusky Register: (08-27-18) Portman: Climate change is real, we have to do something

The Sandusky Register: (08-27-18) Panel named to work on Lake Erie issues

The Sandusky Register: (08-27-18) Action needed for Lake Erie

The Toledo Blade: (08-27-18) Toxin threat from algal bloom starting to dissipate

Great Lakes Now: (8-24-18) Lake Erie’s algae problems: Delay. And more delay

Michigan Radio: (08-24-18) Discussing solutions to Lake Erie’s toxic blooms    

The Toledo Blade: (08-23-18) Attorney has ‘real faith’ tighter controls are in store for Lake Erie

The Chicago Tribune: (08-23-18) 5 things about invasive and non-native species in the Great Lakes

The Monroe News: (08-23-18) Acting EPA chief encouraged by Great Lakes cleanup

The Toledo Blade: (08-22-18) Judge says algae lawsuit has too many loopholes

The Toledo Blade: (08-20-18) Panel appointed to study health of Lake Erie

WOSU: (08-20-18) Republican Lawmakers Set Up Panel To Study Lake Erie Algae Blooms    

The Toledo Blade: (08-20-18) Lucas County seeks to join Lake Erie algae lawsuit 

The Toledo Blade: (08-17-18) Acting U.S. EPA administrator wants to keep Great Lakes restoration program

The Toledo Blade: (08-17-18) Environmental group seeks to join algae lawsuit

The Toledo Blade: (08-16-18) Lake Erie’s economic impact highlighted by officials

The Toledo Blade: (8-14-18) Lake Erie Foundation seeks to join landmark lawsuit

Watertown Daily Times: (08-13-18) Senate allocates $11 million to prevent spread of Asian Carp

The News Herald: (08-12-18) Toledo backs lawsuit seeking action on Lake Erie algae

The Sandusky Journal: (08-12-18) Exploring the Estuary

The Toledo Blade: (08-12-18) Proposed Icebreaker wind project is not what it seems 

The Sandusky Register: (8-12-18) Lawmaker: City residents deserve voice in Lake Erie’s fate

The Morning Journal: (08-12-18) Vermilion’s newest boat launch earns praise

The Plain Dealer: (08-12-18) Lake Erie protections should not wait longer; Ohio soil and water panel must act: editorial  

The Toledo Blade: (08-11-18) Lake Erie protections should not wait longer; Ohio soil and water panel must 

The Plain Dealer: (08-10-18) Full Great Lakes funding a triumph of problem-solving over politicking: editorial

The Sandusky Register: (8-9-18) A marvelous marsh worth saving and strengthening

The Plain Dealer: (08-07-18) Cuyahoga County Council awards $1.1 million for revamping of Rocky River’s Bradstreet’s Landing pier

Michigan Radio: (08-07-18) Disappearing beaches part of the ebb and flow of Great Lakes water levels     

The Plain Dealer: (08-07-18) No swimming at Edgewater Beach after storm causes raw sewage to go into Lake Erie

The Sandusky Register: (08-07-18) Kaptur signs on to help bill dealing with algal blooms

The Toledo Blade: (08-07-18) Toledo water group collects signatures for ‘Lake Erie Bill of Rights’ inclusion on Nov. ballot

The Plain Dealer: (08-06-18) Euclid City Council takes historic vote to launch innovative lakefront trail

The Sandusky Register: (08-05-18) Kasich officials say farmers were included in lake discussions

The News Herald: (08-04-18)  Chagrin River Watershed’s vitality maintained by partnership

The Sandusky Register: (08-02-18) Great Lakes Restoration money OK’d by Senate

The Sentinel-Tribune: (08-01-18) Legislators take Lake Erie questions

The Plain Dealer: (08-01-18) Congress defies Trump and gives Great Lakes initiative $300 million

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The Plain Dealer: (07-27-18) Ohio soil and water panel needs to grow a backbone. Lake Erie is too important to the state and its future: editorial

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Michigan Ag Connection: (07-27-18) Canada Groups Asks Ohio, Michigan to Rethink Grass Carp Policy

The Norwalk Reflector: (07-27-18) Lake Lake Erie Islands reveal a rich history, robust ecosystemErie Islands reveal a rich history, robust ecosystem

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Press Release: Port Clinton, Ohio: (07-12-18) Lake Erie Algae Forecast Needs to Add Progress Report on Phosphorous Reductions LEF Press Release – Algae, 07-13-18

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The Plain Dealer: (07-05-18) LEEDCo wind project tentatively OK’d, but must show plan it will not harm birds and bats to operate at night

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The Toledo Blade: (06-27-18) EPA funds will aid Maumee River cleanup, Great Lakes restoration

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90.3 WCPN: (06-20-18) Ohio EPA Director Calls For Nutrient Runoff Regulations To Clean Lake Erie

90.3 WCPN: (06-20-18) Family Separation at the Border & Lake Erie Health Update  (Audio for the Lake Erie Health Update starts at 30:25.)

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The Sandusky Register: (06-13-18) Judge asked to demand action from EPA

The Chronicle-Telegram: (06-13-18) Sherrod Brown introduces provisions for Lake Erie in Senate Farm Bill

The Plain Dealer: (06-13-18) Ohio EPA program enables Akron to save money on sewer projects while protecting local waterways

Michigan Radio: (06-13-18)  Toledo and its suburbs spar over water costs      

NBC 24: (06-13-18) Farm in McComb see success in nutrien removal research

The Morning Journal: (06-12-18)  Port of Lorain getting $2.5 million for dredging

The News Messenger: (06-12-18) Wildlife officials sample Sandusky River for grass carp

The Toledo Blade: (06-12-18)  Group that filed algae lawsuit seeks comprehensive cleanup strategy

The Sandusky Register: (06-11-18) New website tracks phosphorus in Lake Erie

Star Beacon: (06-11-18)  Metroparks celebrates county’s pristine, ‘scenic’ rivers

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The News-Herald: (05-23-18) Great Lakes Advisory Board could be abolished

The Sentinel-Tribune: (05-23-18)  BGHS juniors develop ag filter

The Toledo Blade: (05-23-18)  Judge says he may back away from Lake Erie algae lawsuit 

The Plain Dealer: (05-22-18)  Reps. Dave Joyce and Marcy Kaptur want Great Lakes board to continue

The Sandusky Register: (05-21-18) State taking action: Free permits available for erosion control work

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The Sandusky Register: (05-20-18) Expect algal bloom

The Sandusky Register: (05-20-18)  Congress protecting the Great Lakes program

The Sandusky Register: (05-19-18) High water closes many roads throughout region

The Plain Dealer: (05-18-18)  Lake Erie rescue project is boosted by construction of West Side tunnel

The Morning Journal: (05-16-18) Why Asian carp pose a threat to the Great Lakes

Rock the Lake: (05-16-18) Water-monitoring buoys launched in Lake Erie for the season 

Cleveland Metro Press: (05-16-18) Gov. John Kasich wants to crack down on phosphorus runoff that feeds Lake Erie algal blooms

Michigan Radio: (05-15-18) Could artificial intelligence help scientists fight toxic blooms in the Great Lakes? 

The Toledo Blade: (05-15-18) Let it rain lake funding 

The News Herald: (05-15-18)  Predictions come out for Lake Erie algae bloom in summer 2018

The Plain Dealer: Editorial (05-15-18) Gov. John Kasich must cure his tone-deafness on Lake Erie impairment: editorial

The Toledo Blade: (05-15-18) EPA chief: Kasich’s comments about impairment taken out of context

The Sandusky Register: (05-15-18) Two bills aim to help Lake Erie

The Plain Dealer: (05-15-18) Lake Erie, Great Lakes water levels much higher than May historical average

The Toledo Blade: (05-13-18) Chance encounter with birds changed life of Black Swamp observatory chief

Great Lakes Echo: (05-11-18) Researchers evaluate ways to keep plastic pollution out of Great Lakes

The Toledo Blade: (05-11-18) Proposed bills would fund runoff reduction efforts for Lake Erie 

The Sentinel Tribune: (05-11-18) Proposal would return farmed land to wetland status

The Sandusky Register: (05-10-18)  Gardner, Arndt introduce two bills to help Lake Erie

The Plain Dealer: (05-10-18) Portman-led investigation finds Army Corps angled for Lake Erie dumping

The Beacon: (05-10-18) Lake Erie Conservation News Ohio EPA wants farm regs; Brown, Portman seek full GLRI funding 

The Sentinel Tribune: (05-10-18) Clean Lake 2020 Plan gets bi-partisan support

Civil Eats: (05-08-18)  Farm Runoff in U.S. Waters Has Hit Crisis Levels. Are Farmers Ready to Change?

Michigan Radio: (05-08-18) A crayfish, a snail, a fish and two plants land on “least wanted” list   

The Plain Dealer: (05-07-18) First-of-the-spring Lake Erie harmful algal bloom forecast is fuzzy, but includes gloomy possibilities 

The Toledo Blade: (05-07-18)  Nuke closures have impacted local economies, changed community character

The Toledo Blade: (05-06-18) Biggest Week in American Birding brings influx of tourism dollars

The Beacon: (05-03-18) Howard Marsh a new jewel for birders, paddlers, hikers and anglers 

Michigan Radio: (5-03-18) Microplastics can harm creatures at the bottom of the food web   

The Chronicle: (05-03-18)  Lakefront plan needs cash 

The Columbus Dispatch: (05-03-18)  Editorial: Save Lake Erie: Set Limits on cheical fertilizer

Great Lakes Water & Wildlife: (05-02-18) Lake Erie is Officially Impaired: Now What?

The Plain Dealer: (05-02-18) Residents protest Avon Lake power plant wastewater permit: Here’s what to know

The Toledo Blade: (05-02-18) Kapszukiewicz goes after Farm Bureau and legislature at algae conference

Michigan Radio: (05-01-18) Are farmers’ profits more important than our water? 

Farm and Dairy: (05-01-18)  Ohio EPA explains its decision to list Lake Erie impaired

The Morning Journal: (05-01-18) Avon Lake Council committee pitches public marina

The Columbus Dispatch: (04-30-18) Ohio has ‘long way to go’ to solve Lake Erie’s algae problem, state officials say

The Plain Dealer: (04-27-18) Cuyahoga River to celebrate new achievements for improved public access, aesthetics

Michigan Radio: (04-27-18)  Fertilizer runoff into Lake Erie unchanged after billions spent    

The Daily Standard: (04-27-18) West Beach project to kick off soon

The Toledo Blade, Editorial: (04-26-18)  Lake Erie shame

Star Tribune: (04-25-18) Overuse of farm fertilizer drives state’s first effort to regulate it

Sandusky Register: (04-23-18) Pesticides aim to kill sea lampreys

The Toledo Blade: (04-23-18) Howard Marsh Metropark opens to public Saturday

Sandusky Register: (04-22-18) Senate blocks bill dealing with invasive species

Sandusky Register: (04-22-18) Save Lake Erie, A Viewpoint

Sandusky Register: (04-21-18)  Study: Little progress made in curbing nutrients feeding algal blooms

The Toledo Blade: (04-20-18) Stouffer appointed to Lake Erie Commission

Federal Ruling on the Lake Erie Impaired Law Suit (PDF)

The Beacon: (04-19-18) Bay Point Conservation receives $249,000 

WOSU Radio: (04-19-18) Ohio EPA Working On New Laws To Protect Lake Erie

Michigan Radio (04-18-18) Preserve the Great Lakes ecosystem    

Milwaukee Jounal Sentinel (04-18-18) Conservation groups rip Great Lakes shipping bill, worried invasive species will be dumped

The Beacon (04-17-18) Nor’easter slams Ottawa County – again!

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (04-17-18) U.S. Senate voting this week on looser rules for Great Lakes ships dumping ballast water

Great Lakes Now – Detroit Public TV (04-17-18) Federal judge orders U.S. EPA to enforce Clean Water Act in Ohio

Toledo Blade Article: (04-16-18) Fall 2018 eyed for release of iconic lake sturgeon into Maumee River 

Port Clinton News Herold: (04-16-18) Weekend storm causes flooding, road closures throughout county

The Toledo Blade: (04-13-18) Data shows Lake Erie impairment declaration was justified in 2010

The Toledo Blade: (04-13-18) Noted UT algae researcher to take helm of Lake Erie Center

The Toledo Blade: (04-12-18) Judge slams EPA over Lake Erie impairment controversy

Great Lakes Echo: (04-10-18) People can once again kill cormorants

Wall Street Journal: (04-09-18) Researchers Race to Thwart Toxic Algae Outbreaks

Columbus Dispatch: (03-27-18) Letter: State drags feet on contaminated lake

Sandusky Register: (03-27-18) $300 million for Great Lakes Restoration Initiative included in $1.3 trillion spending bill

The Toledo Blade: (03-27-18) Lawmakers propose Lake Erie funding plan

Morning Journal: (03-26-18) Black River Summit agenda announced

Urbana Citizen: (03-25-18) Birds Migrating to Ohio

The Toledo Blade: (03-24-18) Bill aims to help meet restrictions from Lake Erie impairment 

Cleveland Plain Dealer: (03-23-18) Lake Erie’s Western Basin ‘Impaired’

Associated Press Article: (03-23-18) Algae leads to ‘impaired’ designation for western Lake Erie

Port Clinton News Herald: (03-23-18) Root of the problem: Soil structure called vital to clean water

The Toledo Blade, Editorial: (03-22-18) Impairment designation a welcome victory for Lake Erie

The Detroit News: (03-22-18) Spending bill keeps $300M for Great Lakes cleanup

The Toledo Blade: (03-22-18) Kasich administration declares Lake Erie open waters as impaired

Michigan Radio: (03-22-18) NWF: Dear Ohio, follow up Lake Erie “impaired” designation with action

The Plain Dealer: (03-22-18) Lake Erie’s Western Basin ‘impaired,’ ending years of resistance by Kasich administration (03-21-18) How A $10 Million Competition Based In South Florida Takes Aim At Algae Blooms Worldwide

The Toledo Blade: (03-16-18) Biologists Eye Two Algae Toxins in Sandusky Bay

The Toledo Blade, Editorial: (03-14-18) Lake Erie Rescue Plan Needs Teeth

The Toledo Blade: (03-07-18) Federal plan calls for phosphorus reductions to improve Lake Erie water