• See TMACOG’s Agenda For Lake Erie 2019-2020 Report.  The Agenda for Lake Erie represents TMACOG members’ commitment to the restoration and preservation of the region’s greatest natural resource – Lake Erie.  You can also check out their video on several Lake Erie watershed farmers putting BMP’s in place on their farms.
  • Recent 2018 Lake Erie Algae Bulletin: Notice that there is a bloom but the color is blue and green rather than red meaning that the algae is less dense.
  • American Rivers released a 2018 report to help protect drinking water in the Great Lakes region. It is a valuable tool for conservationists, community activists, and others working on drinking water issues across the region.  “Protecting Drinking Water in the Great Lakes: a Primer on Existing State Policies and Using the Safe Drinking Water Act” was produced by American Rivers in partnership with the Great Lakes Environmental Law Center. The report reviews Great Lakes’ state policies relative to the Safe Drinking Water Act – with a focus on Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin. The report is available here.