How We Advocate


LEF coordinates multiple conferences every year.  The Lake Erie Forum is held every December at the Catawba Island Club. We plan to hold an additional conference every fall in the central basin.

The Lake Erie Foundation (LEF) engages the public to protect and restore Lake Erie and its many tributaries by participating in and coordinating public meetings and conferences, hosting informational displays at various events, coordinating water quality testing activities, and completing a variety of additional outreach activities.

But our work doesn’t stop there. We also:

  • Support local restoration efforts spearheaded by community organizations throughout the watershed.
  • Work with the agricultural communities by supporting farmers to target funding and implement conservation practices that will dramatically reduce pollution running off their land.
  • Participate as a member of the Healing Our Waters Coalition to work on advocacy and funding for the Great Lakes.
  • Coordinate with and support nearby Waterkeepers in Detroit, St. Clair and Buffalo/Niagara.