Saving Lake Erie

Lake Erie Needs:

  • Accountability, measurement and reporting for the dollars spent to reduce algae including the amount of phosphorous – both total and dissolved, and nitrogen for each project.
  • Reduction targets and selected Best Management Practices to achieve the 40% phosphorous reduction in the US and Canada.
  • Reduced manure soil phosphorous to amounts allowed in commercial fertilizer – ie. The crop need/agronomic rate instead of almost four times as much or more.
  • To have the Clean Water Act followed which includes – Impaired, Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL), implementation plan using the USEPA nine step watershed management process.
  • Funding to construct the Asian Carp barriers to keep Asian Carp out of the Great Lakes.
  • To ask candidates and elected officials to support funding and policies for nutrient reductions for Lake Erie as outlined by the scientist’s white paper entitled: Summary of Findings and Strategies to Move Toward a 40% Phosphorus Reduction.
  • To request USEPA to adopt standards for recreational contact and drinking water standards for the toxin Microcystin, and PFAS.
  • To request funding for technology for manure distribution and other reductions of phosphorous and nitrogen to Lake Erie.
  • Continued education and outreach to inform the public/organizations about Lake Erie’s waters and fish.
  • Collaboration with all organizations helping Lake Erie.
  • To oppose wind turbines in Lake Erie and all of the Great Lakes without more knowledge and standards.