Strategic Plan

The Lake Erie Foundation has a five-year strategic plan to sustain and improve Lake Erie water quality and habitat. Two primary goals to reduce harmful algae in Lake Erie are:

  1. Determine the sources and amounts of nutrients followed by an accountable, reportable nutrient reduction implementation plan. The best framework for this is to follow the Clean Water Act: Impaired/Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) /Implementation process that is leading the process for harmful algae reductions in Chesapeake Bay and the Fox River/Green Bay.
  2. Reduce manure runoff into Lake Erie by requiring that the phosphorus soil content requirement for manure spread on agricultural fields be the same as for commercial fertilizer. Currently, manure applications can be 150 parts per million phosphorus soil content compared to the commercial fertilizer maximum of up to 40 parts per million (also known as the agronomic/crop need rate).