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  • Did You Ever Wonder What is Meant by the designation:  Lake Erie Waters Impairment?  Below are several great links to understand what the term means and why it is an important first step in helping protect Lake Erie’s water quality.
  • The Ohio EPA will present information about the draft impaired waters list through a
    webinar on April 25, 2018, at 2 p.m. The webinar may be viewed at Ohio EPA’s Central
    Office in conference room A, 50 West Town Street, Suite 700, Columbus, or by joining
    online.  The summary of each water body assessment unit is available online. Visit this website to review specifics  concerning water bodies that are impaired or delisted.
  • The USEPA has reversed its previous decision to allow Ohio not to asses Ohio’s open Lake Erie’s waters regarding impairment.  Ohio has until April 18, 2018 to submit data on Lake Erie open Lake Erie waters that will or will not require Ohio to declare these waters impaired under the Clean Water Act. Recent reports from USEPA have showed that Ohio’s approach to reducing Lake Erie harmful algae is not enough. Here is a Toledo Blade article and editorial.  The Lake Erie Foundation has long taken a position that Ohio needs to follow the Clean Water Act and declare the western Lake Erie waters impaired.



Toledo Blade Article: (04-23-18) Howard Marsh Metropark opens to public Saturday

Toledo Blade Article: (04-20-18) Stouffer appointed to Lake Erie Commission

Federal Ruling on the Lake Erie Impaired Law Suit (PDF)

Michigan Radio (04-18-18) Preserve the Great Lakes ecosystem    

Milwaukee Jounal Sentinel (04-18-18) Conservation groups rip Great Lakes shipping bill, worried invasive species will be dumped

The Beacon (04-17-18) Nor’easter slams Ottawa County – again!

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (04-17-18) U.S. Senate voting this week on looser rules for Great Lakes ships dumping ballast water

Great Lakes Now – Detroit Public TV (04-17-18) Federal judge orders U.S. EPA to enforce Clean Water Act in Ohio

Toledo Blade Article: (04-16-18) Fall 2018 eyed for release of iconic lake sturgeon into Maumee River 

Port Clinton News Herold: (04-16-18) Weekend storm causes flooding, road closures throughout county

Toledo Blade Article: (04-13-18) Data shows Lake Erie impairment declaration was justified in 2010

Toledo Blade Article: (04-13-18) Noted UT algae researcher to take helm of Lake Erie Center

Toledo Blade Article: (04-12-18) Judge slams EPA over Lake Erie impairment controversy

Great Lakes Echo: (04-10-18) People can once again kill cormorants

Wall Street Journal: (04-09-18) Researchers Race to Thwart Toxic Algae Outbreaks

Columbus Dispatch: (03-27-18) Letter: State drags feet on contaminated lake

Sandusky Register: (03-27-18) $300 million for Great Lakes Restoration Initiative included in $1.3 trillion spending bill

Toledo Blade Article: (03-27-18) Lawmakers propose Lake Erie funding plan

Morning Journal: (03-26-18) Black River Summit agenda announced

Urbana Citizen: (03-25-18) Birds Migrating to Ohio

Toledo Blade Article: (03-24-18) Bill aims to help meet restrictions from Lake Erie impairment 

Cleveland Plain Dealer: (03-23-18) Lake Erie’s Western Basin ‘Impaired’

Associated Press Article: (03-23-18) Algae leads to ‘impaired’ designation for western Lake Erie

Port Clinton News Herald: (03-23-18) Root of the problem: Soil structure called vital to clean water

Toledo Blade Editorial: (03-22-18) Impairment designation a welcome victory for Lake Erie

The Detroit News: (03-22-18) Spending bill keeps $300M for Great Lakes cleanup

Toledo Blade Article: (03-22-18) Kasich administration declares Lake Erie open waters as impaired

Michigan Radio: (03-22-18) NWF: Dear Ohio, follow up Lake Erie “impaired” designation with action

The Plain Dealer: (03-22-18) Lake Erie’s Western Basin ‘impaired,’ ending years of resistance by Kasich administration (03-21-18) How A $10 Million Competition Based In South Florida Takes Aim At Algae Blooms Worldwide

Toledo Blade Article: (03-16-18) Biologists Eye Two Algae Toxins in Sandusky Bay

Toledo Blade Editorial: (03-14-18) Lake Erie Rescue Plan Needs Teeth

Toledo Blade Article: (03-07-18) Federal plan calls for phosphorus reductions to improve Lake Erie water

American Rivers has released a new report to help protect drinking water in the Great Lakes region. It is a valuable tool for conservationists, community activists, and others working on drinking water issues across the region.  “Protecting Drinking Water in the Great Lakes: a Primer on Existing State Policies and Using the Safe Drinking Water Act” was produced by American Rivers in partnership with the Great Lakes Environmental Law Center. The report reviews Great Lakes’ state policies relative to the Safe Drinking Water Act – with a focus on Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin. The report is available here.



A Lake Erie Foundation team of ten advocated for Lake Erie in Washington DC for Great Lakes days on March 7 & 8. Updates and info will soon be posted on the Lake Erie Foundation facebook page. reports that Ohio, Army Corps settle lawsuit over dredging of Cleveland Harbor. Editorial:  Massive Great Lakes cuts in Trump budget cannot stand.

Lake Erie Bulletins provide forecasts of harmful algal blooms (HABs) of the cyanobacteria Microcystis in Lake Erie and are only provided during an active bloom. During a bloom, the bulletin is normally sent twice weekly on Monday and Thursday, unless weather and bloom conditions warrant distribution on other days. See Year End Summary – Algal Blooms, 2017 which compares the most recent bloom’s size and extent to Microcystis blooms of previous years.  Click here to subscribe to the bulletin.  Visit NOAA’s Lake Erie HAB Forecast page for more information.

Toledo Blade Article: New Iron Plant in East Toledo.

Toledo Blade Ariticle: Featuring the Lake Erie Foundation.